Staff Spotlight: United for Nicaragua

This month, we caught up with Wilmer Arostegui, a member of our feedONE staff in Nicaragua. Wilmer serves as the country program director and has been a member of the team for more than two years. 

In his role as country director, Wilmer helps monitor more than 200 program centers. Each morning, Wilmer and a team of program supervisors visit each feeding center to make sure they are equipped to better serve their community and the children in our program. 

“We are a united team,” Wilmer says. “Focused on the goals, we all share the same passion for what we do. We are always looking for ways to improve in different areas to be efficient and effective as we serve our communities.”

While Wilmer and his team work hard to improve the lives of people in their community, they are still met with a number of obstacles. Nicaragua ranks sixth on the list of countries most affected by natural disasters. It not only battles nature’s toughest elements but also the economic hardships caused by poor infrastructure and limited access to education.

Despite an ongoing political crisis that has caused food insecurity and high unemployment rates, Wilmer and his team have continued to set goals that empower communities throughout Nicaragua. 

“The vision is big. We are hoping to increase the number of children in our program to 80,000 by the end of 2020.” 

Thank you for supporting the thousands of children in Nicaragua who benefit from the nutritious meals provided through feedONE. Through your kindness and the dedication of leaders like Wilmer, we can continue to fight hunger and break the chains of poverty for children in need.


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