After 15 minutes of driving down narrow dirt roads, the dusty SUV comes to a stop at the local gas station. The streets are lined with houses made of tin and scrap metal, and sewage openly flows in the city streets. Jacob Jester — a pastor and feedONE ambassador— and Convoy of Hope Country Director Brian Burr navigate the car through the poor Kenyan community to get a glimpse of the strategic feeding program made possible by feedONE at Hope Works Christian Academy.*

The school is made of mud bricks and cement blocks. Nearly 80 students fill the dimly-lit classrooms and many more are expected to make their way back from break in the coming weeks. Junior high students are studying the skeletal structures of birds. Younger students are singing and dancing, using the aged concrete floors as their stage.

In a small room adjacent to the school’s well-stocked supply closet, a kind woman prepares lunch. While tending to the pots of beans and rice, she holds a small child in her arms.

As children are dismissed, they run as fast as they can to get in line. Some students are already holding their spoons, anxiously waiting for lunch. After washing their hands, they prepare for today’s meal — rice, beans, and an African porridge called “pap.”

Energy begins to fill the room as students enjoy their lunch. They continue their dancing and singing, taking turns performing for the special visitors. A few children pose for pictures and others take turns high-fiving Jacob.

The kids head back to their classrooms as Brian and Jacob prepare for the drive back to the city. One little girl shyly asks Jacob for a picture before returning to class. Before getting into the SUV to leave, Jacob takes a final look around. Inspired by today’s visit, he already wants to do more.

He looks out the window and thinks to himself, “We’re going to reach a million kids.”

Until all are fed,

The feedONE Team


*Names may be changed to protect children supported by feedONE.

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