New Year, New Opportunities

This month, we’re excited to announce new opportunities for feedONE. In 2019, feedONE will feed 200,000 children in 14 countries! We added three new countries in 2018 — Sri Lanka, Uganda, and India. On the island of Sri Lanka alone, hundreds of children are receiving nutritious meals through feedONE and our partnership with Center of Hope.

Before partnering with feedONE, Center of Hope fed more than 150 children a day in surrounding communities that had no running water or electricity. Even though they’ve been feeding children in Sri Lanka for more than 30 years, they wanted to do more.

“Their problem was they didn’t have the resources to expand,” says Russ Hurst, Convoy of Hope Deputy Vice President of International Programs. “These people are impoverished and are giving sacrificially just for the outreach that they are doing, and they just don’t have the finances to do it at the level we are able to help them with.”

After partnering with feedONE, more than 500 children in Sri Lanka have been able to receive nutritious meals and a better education. Children in the program are also taught hygiene and sanitation.

While there are many children receiving meals and an education, feedONE and Center of Hope plan to reach even more in the future. Through this tremendous partnership, feedONE looks to provide nutritious meals and new opportunities to more than 1,000 Sri Lankan children in the next few years.

“They have the volunteers, they have the leadership, they have the infrastructure, they have the relationships,” Hurst says. “The opportunities are endless, and they want to do more but didn’t have the resources — and then Convoy of Hope joined them.”

Thanks to partners like you and the power of kindness and compassion, feedONE can continue providing children around the world with nutritious meals and life-changing hope.

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