Finding Hope in the Darkness

Mehar Finds Hope

After an explosion displaced Mehar* and her family from their home in Syria, they ran for hours through the mountains to escape the country’s civil war. They crossed into the neighboring country of Lebanon as refugees. 

“Syria is my home. It’s my land. Everything was good about it,” Mehar says, reflecting on her life before becoming a refugee.

Her family had little money and were forced to beg for food from neighbors. But after meeting with a local principal, Mehar began attending school and receiving daily meals through feedONE. She and her friends have the energy to stay focused in school.

“From the darkest moments of my life, I was able to live again,” Mehar says. “I got hope again.” 

Thank you for your continued generosity in the fight against hunger. Your gift gives hope to children around the world. Thank you for supporting future generations and helping us break the chains of poverty around the world.

*Name has been changed.

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