Hope in Honduras

Omar started attending one of Convoy of Hope’s program centers in Honduras when he was just 3 years old. He is now 15, and he says the center has changed his life.

“The food that we get here is different than what we get at home. Sometimes I don’t have food at home, but I know I will get food here,” Omar says. “This place has changed my life in a lot of ways.”

Omar dreams of being an architect and also enjoys studying math. “I love to draw,” explains Omar. “Right now, I’m working on drawing realistic people. I’m just about to start at a technical school where I can study finance because I like math, too.”

Honduras is considered the second-poorest country in Central America. More than half of its population lives in poverty and suffers from poor diets.

Ana Victoria is the director of the program center that Omar attends. She says the food Convoy of Hope provides is very nutritious. “The kids don’t normally get sick here. We have very strong kids here with a lot of energy.”

The main focus of the center is to help single mothers and families living in extreme poverty.

“Because of the food we receive from Convoy of Hope, we can use the money that we were spending on food to cover other needs that the center has,” says Ana Victoria.

Children who are served by the center in Honduras also receive micronutrient supplementation and deworming. Additional education is provided for both children and parents on nutrition, water sanitation, hygiene, health food preparation, values, disease prevention, food security, and self-awareness.

The program center serves nearly 30 children like Omar. While there, they receive the nutrition they need to stay healthy, grow, and continue having hope.

By joining us in our mission, you can change lives and promote healthy communities that are free from poverty and hunger. For just $10 a month, you can provide food for a child every school day.

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