Honduras Holiday Tradition

This Christmas season, your gift is making a difference! Children around the world are experiencing joy and hope because of your compassion and generosity.

While many families are wrapping presents and preparing their favorite holiday meals, children like Olvin are preparing for their own holiday traditions.

Olvin Vasquez is 9 years old and lives in the La Lima neighborhood of San Pedro Sula, Honduras. When he’s not caring for his chickens or attending school, he is most likely playing soccer with his friends. Olvin is in the fifth grade and receives meals through the feedONE program at his school.

“The food is good!” Olvin says. “Sometimes they give us soup. They give us rice and eggs, too.”

Olvin lives at home with his parents and two younger brothers. Olvin’s father works long hours, and mother Ivania runs a small business that Convoy of Hope Women’s Empowerment program helped her start. Because of the support of Convoy of Hope, Ivania can provide for her children this holiday season.

“Normally we aren’t able to give the kids gifts for Christmas,” Ivania says, “but this year we will be able to give them gifts.”

Like many families, the Vasquezes have their own holiday traditions. Ivania prepares their traditional holiday menu, which includes chicken, rice, potato salad and bread. Olvin looks forward to the Christmas season, because everyone is together and they attend church as a family.

“This year is going to be super different from other years,” Ivania says. “This year, they will get new clothes for Christmas, and I can add a little something to the menu.”

Thank you for providing joy and a warm meal to children like Olvin. Because of your kindness, more than 177,000 children in 11 countries will experience hope and happiness during this holiday season.

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