While Grady’s* mother worked hard as a small trader, her wages were still not enough to fill the stomachs of all her children.

After the Haiti earthquake destroyed their home in 2010, Grady and his five brothers and sisters moved into an orphanage.

“Now that I am at the orphanage, I eat better and I have three meals a day. I feel healthier,” he says. The orphanage sits in an area where poverty and illness are

rampant — but Grady and his brothers and sisters are healthier and have hope for a brighter future.

Not only is Grady eating nutritious meals, he is receiving an education and gaining friendships. “My best friend is Gabe. He always accompanies me in what I do, and we share the same room. I also love French and agronomy.”

Grady’s chance to love and learn would not be possible without the meals he receives through Convoy of Hope’s Children’s Feeding program. The three daily meals he receives gives him the energy to learn, play, and thrive.

On behalf of Grady and the more than 300,000 children we feed every day, thank you for giving, and thank you for caring.

*Name has been changed.

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