Eshe’s Story


Eshe, a sixth-grader at the local elementary school, dreams of being a doctor. Just a few months ago, Eshe, her parents, and four siblings moved to the community from another part of Tanzania. Her parents quickly enrolled Eshe and her twin siblings into the local school and feedONE program center.

“It’s great because the money that would otherwise be spent on lunch can be spent on other needs now,” Eshe says. 

Now that she’s in school and eating nutritious meals, Eshe can focus on her future. Eshe studies science diligently, with dreams of becoming a doctor and helping people in her community. 

“It [science] helps open the world to different things,” Eshe says. 

Eshe is one of the 2,200 children who receive nutritious meals and education through the feedONE program in Tanzania. Through the development of sustainable solutions, feedONE aims to fight hunger in Tanzania for generations to come. With your help, we can continue to build a brighter future for children like Eshe.

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