Ellen’s Story

Thanks to your generous support of the feedONE program, more than 177,000 children in 11 different countries are receiving nutritious meals and a chance at a better future. Your monthly gift provides hope to children around the world — children like Ellen.

Ellen is 13 and in the sixth grade at the Mixte Maison school in Haiti. Like many children her age, Ellen enjoys being around friends and playing soccer. While a warm bowl of food helps Ellen in the classroom, it also helps her at home.

Her mother sells items at the market and her father is a local driver, which often leaves Ellen to look after her younger siblings. Ellen wakes up at 5 a.m. every day to prepare breakfast and get her four younger siblings ready for school.

“We often eat spaghetti before going to school, and then we eat the food we are given at school,” Ellen says. “My favorite food is bread with fried eggs!”

While Ellen is thankful for the food they have at home, she understands the importance of the daily, nutritious meals she receives at school.

“The food gives us more energy and our stomachs are not empty,” Ellen says. “This allows us to work better in class.”

Because of the food Ellen receives through feedONE, she has the strength to look after her siblings and still focus on her favorite subject — environmental sciences. Now that Ellen doesn’t have to worry about food, she can focus on school and pursuing her dreams

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