Energized Dreams


Jessie comes from a close knit, hard working family. His father works as a bicycle driver and his mom keeps the family of six in order at home — a full time job in itself. For a large family, his parents’ income is often not enough to support them.

At a young age, Jessie became very sick. He lost a severe amount of weight and many wondered how he would survive. His parents brought him to the feeding program in an effort to get him the vital nutrients he needed to grow.

In a matter of months, his health changed drastically. He especially enjoys the spaghetti they serve.

With his newfound energy, Jessie has become a lot more active. He spends his time playing marbles, Chinese garter and other games with his friends.

Jessie dreams of becoming a police officer one day so he can uphold the law and protect his fellow citizens. He thanks the feeding program for giving him the strength to continue down this tough road.

* Names have been changed to protect the identities of those we serve

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