Denilson’s Story

This month, we’re proud to feature one of our Central American program countries — El Salvador.

In 2006, a few years after Convoy of Hope’s initial response to Hurricane Mitch in El Salvador, feedONE started funding children’s feeding programs in a few Salvadoran communities. By 2017, feedONE was providing more than 5 million nutritious meals to 22,000 children across the country.

One of those 22,000 children is 11-year-old Denilson. Denilson is in the fifth grade and receives meals at school through feedONE. He likes getting food at school because it has vitamins and makes him feel stronger. His favorite meal is either fish and rice or fish soup with peach drink. While the food makes him stronger, it’s not the only reason Denilson likes going to school.

“I love to ride my bike to school,” Denilson says of his 15-minute ride from home, where he lives with his parents and 3-year-old brother. When Denilson isn’t playing soccer with his friends or riding his bike, he’s watching the livestock that run close to his house. His favorite animal is a red-spotted horse named Tornado.

Thanks to partners like you, we can continue to support children in El Salvador with nutritious meals and provide hope for a better future. Your kindness is changing the lives of children around the world — children like Denilson.

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