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We’ve got about 66 million reasons for you to throw a feedONE party.

Invite Your Friends.

We’ll give you all the digital and social tools you need to invite your friends.

Charge a $10 Cover.

Every $10 donated from your party will feed a hungry child for an entire month.

Text To RSVP

Your friends can RSVP and pay the $10 cover by texting TREAT to 50555.

Check ‘Em In.

When your friends arrive, just have them show their mobile confirmation email on the way in.

Getting Started Is Easy. Watch the short video.

Not into the whole party thing? Start a fundraiser. It’s free, easy, and rewarding.

“Being part of something bigger than myself is always humbling. But being part of something bigger than myself and loving it? That’s more than most people can say about their careers.”





“Last semester, I took a class called ‘Love and Power’ where we read and discussed literature that dealt with different kinds of love and power. While we were going through the theme of compassionate love, the professor told us about feedONE. I checked out the organization and it was awesome!”





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