Put your money to work.

Whether you’re a small business or a major corporation, you can help.

Flexible Campaigns.

A feedONE workplace campaign is simple and flexible for you and your employees.

Custom Campaigns.

We work with your team to plan a customized campaign to fit your culture and HR needs.

Payroll Deductions.

Set it, and forget it. Employees can choose their deduction amount, starting at just $10.

Big Impact.

Every $10 donated by your employees feeds one hungry child for an entire month.

Getting Started Is Easy. Watch the short video.


Receptionist, Digital Monitoring Products, Springfield, MO

Kayla, a receptionist and single mom of two, feeds two children she’s never met for the entire year. “I wouldn’t want my own two kids to go without food,” she says. “We’re cutting out a fast food meal each week to help make this happen. It makes me feel good. I like to give back.”

Be the hero in someone else’s story.